Using VPN to Play Games at Online Casinos in Australia

Many online casinos accept punters from Australia these days. The only exception is made for those countries where gambling Down Under is not exactly legal. Online casinos are as secure as their licensing jurisdictions are. Australia has yet to regulate gambling activities, which means no legislative iGaming body.

Offshore gambling sites are within limits when using a VPN to register accounts, make deposits and withdrawals, and play AU online casino games. Playing pokies by faking your location through VPN has been the average practice, but is it necessary today?

Offshore Gambling in Australia

If you reside in Australia and want to visit online casinos registered abroad, you can make products and services more available by means of a VPN. Faking your location through an internet proxy service like a VPN is not a strange thing. It is one of the best tech solutions that make your life easier.

Is it safe? Can it be used effectively? Doesn’t it break the rules? It can be relatively safe when integrating the solid VPN service. However, you should realize the fact that gambling at offshore casino sites can’t promise any protection from the Australian government and the regulatory gambling jurisdictions.

Before you go any further, using a VPN to gamble online abroad is not legal. However, the national government doesn’t say anything to stop you from using international Australian online casinos. It basically ignores this fact by giving you the freedom to act as you want. At the same time, you are the one taking responsibility for an online gambling experience via VPN. If you happen to register with a scam casino site and lose money , you can’t refer to the Australian government for protection. You can’t write a complaint or ask for compensation. This puts your security at risk. And this is what makes international gambling dangerous.

Since you have imitated your location through a VPN to gamble online at a restricted online casino, you have no way to undergo the KYC procedure. So all access will be closed or even deleted. Your name might be located, even limiting access to all related casinos.

Using a VPN to stop having your data monitored or viewing allowed gambling sites is good. Many individuals do it for safety reasons or for working purposes. You can even use a VPN and gamble online without any legislative risks, but you will find it difficult to acquire winnings or register an account.

Pros & Cons of Using VPN at Online Casinos

If you have a free or paid VPN to gamble online, you should know what to expect from the new experience. Make sure to know the pros and cons of online casinos in Australia .


  • Accessing restricted websites;
  • Scamming your location and using free features of an off-limits gambling site;
  • Checking online casinos in a country you plan to stick with, etc.


  • Verifying account or cash-out winnings;
  • Flagging your account or IP address;
  • Losing access even after returning to an official casino country, etc.

How to Pick the Best VPN for Online Gambling?

This advanced technology can provide access to websites essential for working from another country and providing content that is unavailable in the Australian version. Using a VPN is perfectly fine, but it must be done carefully. The risks of damaging your gambling experience are still high. You can lose even more money if you get into an offshore trap, namely the scam casino site.

With thousands of casinos accepting Australian players without a VPN, there is simply no reason to use one. So take it as the last solution to the problem.

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