Dragon Ball Legends: First Things to Do

It is not everyday that you get to discover a good gacha game that is actually worth your time and effort. Given that gacha games solely depend on your luck whether you are going to get a good character or not, some players choose not to engage in this kind of gamer dilemma.


However, Dragon Ball Legends guarantee you an exciting and action-packed experience in playing a gacha game. If you want to start your first gacha game, better experience it with Dragon Ball Legends by creating your account or choosing a Dragon Ball Legends account for sale on this site.


To give a helping hand, we picked out some of the most important and useful DBL tips for gacha and Dragon Ball Legends starters.


Stick to the Story


One thing most players do when they know that a combat-based game features an online and PvP mode is dive right into it to test their skills right away. Remember: do not be like them.


Given that you already have experience in playing a gacha game and you already know the basic mechanics, this does not necessarily mean that your characters are strong enough to fight with other players.


With that, focus on the story first. Prioritizing this will give you more characters to include in your lineup, as well as items and a good amount of Chrono Crystals.


Daily Summon Discounts


To tell you, this game has over 250 playable Dragon Ball characters that you can unlock. With that, you might want to get as many characters as you can while you are still starting. That being said, make sure to get this summon for a discounted price of only 20 crystals instead of 100.


Familiarize the Elements


Upon obtaining a Dragon Ball Legends character, you will notice that they are categorized with a shape and a respective color. You can use these elements or character types to determine which character to play against to your advantage


Basically, this is the pattern that shows their strengths with the arrowhead showing a victory over the next color: red —> yellow —>purple —> green —>blue —> red.


Forming a Lineup


To get you ready for PvP combats, it is vital for you to know how to form a party lineup.


Each team should always comprise six characters, however only three of them will enter the battle and the rest will be the bench units. To maximize your team, make sure that you have the strongest and the best rarity character as your leader of the party lineup.

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