How Versa Networks is Reshaping the Landscape of SD-WAN Solutions

The single-vendor SASE solution integrates comprehensive security, scalable advanced routing, full-featured SD-WAN, genuine multi-tenancy, and sophisticated analytics in a single Enterprise-class carrier-grade operating system. This solution allows users to deploy in various environments, including cloud, on-premises, or both.


 Secure SD-WAN solution provides organizations with a flexible, multiaccess link deployment model that decreases costs and improves visibility into the applications accessing their corporate networks. It helps them to achieve performance milestones, meet SLAs, and accomplish organizational objectives. For example, Adobe Systems deployed Versa’s best-in-class software-defined WAN and security solutions across its global network.

Its multi-tenant architecture supports a variety of deployment models, zero-touch provisioning, and cloud extensibility to enable service providers to build high-value NFV-based managed services. The platform also integrates with a full suite of cloud-native security functions like zero-trust network access (ZTNA), firewall as a service, and secure web gateway that can be deployed on-premises or as part of a converged SD-WAN/Security offering.

By integrating these best-of-breed functions on a single-vendor platform, an AI/ML-powered SASE solution can provide robust performance, scalability, and flexibility for enterprises looking to transform their WAN and branch networks. This unified approach to security and networking lowers Capex and Opex while increasing IT responsiveness to business demands, making it the ideal foundation for an enterprise-wide digital transformation strategy. 


Traditionally, SD-WAN solutions have been deployed in a single device. However, this approach limits scalability and leads to inflexible, siloed infrastructure. It can limit IT’s ability to respond quickly to business requirements.

Versa’s unique architecture combines best-of-breed comprehensive security, scalable advanced routing, industry-leading SD-WAN, genuine multi-tenancy, and sophisticated analytics in one Enterprise-class Carrier-grade operating system. It delivers unified control and management with consistent policies across sites, eliminating the need for manual configuration, hardware refreshes, or specialized technical resources at each location.

 It provides centralized cloud management, dynamically optimizes bandwidth usage, prioritizes applications, and deploys app-aware failover to guarantee performance for critical applications.

In addition, it allows IT to implement a more agile network with lower bandwidth and cost than traditional methods by supporting multiple connections between the WAN edge and data centers. The architecture also supports a hybrid environment by supporting MPLS and Internet access.


Companies like Versa Networks combine best-of-breed comprehensive security, scalable advanced routing, and full-featured SD-WAN in a single solution. Eliminating the need for multiple hardware appliances reduces Capex and Opex while increasing IT responsiveness to business demands.

The unified architecture also consistently enforces network and security policies across the entire enterprise WAN, even at remote locations. It ensures that all traffic is inspected in one pass and protects against the most sophisticated threats.

Additionally, the unified platform enables an integrated NGFW to eliminate the need for separate standalone security solutions in distributed branch offices. It protects Layer 4 through Layer 7, including inspection of SSL/TLS encrypted traffic and segmentation to prevent lateral movement of threats at remote sites. It also delivers resiliency via dynamic path selection, sub-second failover, and WAN optimization techniques.

For example, a client with Versa Secure SD-WAN noticed that the Spotify streaming application was consuming excessive bandwidth. It was because employees connected to the internet through a corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN), which did not have visibility and control over access to applications. 

In addition to its advanced capabilities, Versa’s centralized management and analytics platform is easy to deploy and manage. 


Streamline your network with advanced analytics and intelligence for maximum performance. Simplify policies, prioritize applications, mitigate performance issues, and deploy app-aware failover with robust monitoring and reporting to increase application uptime.

Built on a Secure Cloud IP architecture, it delivers a unified software services platform that eliminates the need for multiple legacy routers, WAN optimization devices, and security hardware peripherals. The solution combines best-in-class comprehensive security, scalable advanced routing, and full-featured SD-WAN into a single platform. It enables more straightforward policies and management, reduced virtual footprint cost and bandwidth utilization, and the flexibility of multi-connection support, including Internet, MPLS, broadband, and 5G/LTE backups.

This software-based and multi-service approach to SD-WAN enables enterprises to reduce both Capex and Opex for branch offices by eliminating the need for costly appliances. It also provides greater agility to change policy at the edge and the ability to leverage commodity hardware. It also enables enterprises to re-architect their enterprise WAN and branch office networks with a fully automated software-only approach with zero-touch uCPE.

With a wide range of deployment options, Versa can fit any network profile. Deploy as a software service on-premises, in a cloud for networking, security, and analytics to thin branches or in an uCPE appliance. Real-time monitoring, analysis, and predictive capabilities are powered by a massive data lake of historical telemetry to enable powerful AIOps intelligence for faster troubleshooting.

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