Can You Get Fit without Blowing Your Budget?

Your New Year’s resolution is to get fit. You’re just not sure how you can manage this without blowing your entire budget and racking up your credit card balances before January even ends. So, are there ways that you can tackle your resolution on the cheap? Of course!

Community Centers

Instead of going to a top-of-the-line gym for your workouts, you should check out the programs available at your local community/recreation center. These programs are often really cheap (and sometimes, completely free). Plus, these centers tend to offer members a ton of different fitness activities, from aquafit to yoga. Pick the classes that pique your interest!

Online Classes

More and more fitness centers are offering online classes to guests so that they can work up a sweat without having to drive to their locations. This is convenient for people who prefer to do their workouts from home, and for people who live nowhere near the fitness center. You could live in a completely different state, and it wouldn’t matter!

Online classes tend to be offered at lower prices than in-person classes. So, signing up for them may not strain your budget.

YouTube Videos

If you don’t want to spend any money on online fitness classes, then you should head to YouTube. YouTube platforms tons of fitness channels that you can follow without having to spend a dollar. Look up different YouTube fitness channels to see which ones you’d like to subscribe to. Then, watch and learn!

Free Fitness Apps

Fitness apps can help you track your fitness goals and give you inspiration for your workouts. So, if you’re stumped on how to build strength in your arms or increase your flexibility, your apps can give you specific workouts and training plans (including videos and visuals to help you nail the technique right away).

What are some free fitness apps that you can download?

Nike Run Club
Daily Yoga
8fit Workouts

At-Home Workouts

You don’t have to leave your front doorstep to get fit! As long as you have enough space to move around without knocking furniture over or hurting yourself, you can work out at home. At-home workouts are convenient and cheap. You can manage to do a lot of routines with budget-friendly items like dumbbells, kettlebells and resistance bands. And if you’re hoping to save more money with this resolution, you can find gym equipment replacements around your house.

The Temptation to Overspend on Fitness

The fitness industry depends on eager people shelling out their money at this time of year. After all, the industry knows that people are making fitness one of their top New Year’sresolutions to tackle and that they might be feeling sluggish after a winter holiday filled with rum-spiked eggnogs and chocolate chip cookies. So, you’re going to see a lot of advertisements trying to get you to spend your money on gym memberships, boot camp classes, personal trainers and specialty equipment. None of this is necessary — in fact, it could be a financial mistake to buy all of these things at once.

If you’re on a tight budget, and you fall into this spending trap, you could put yourself in a bad financial place. For instance, you might struggle to cover an urgent expense that pops up because you don’t have any savings left. In this scenario, you can try to get access to cash through CreditFresh through an online loan to help you pay off the urgent expense. With an approved online loan, you could resolve your emergency in a short amount of time and then follow a straightforward loan repayment cycle afterward. It’s a simple solution that you can turn to in a tough situation.

You can avoid financial mistakes like this by staying on budget and avoiding common spending traps. Don’t respond to the pressure of the fitness industry and empty your wallet.

You can tackle your fitness resolution this year without going broke. Follow these tips and start working up a sweat!

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