Understanding poker chip values and colours

Many people who have just heard the name of poker, believe that only cards play an important role in the game. However, if you are a poker player you will know that with cards, poker chips are crucial too. You will get to know the importance of chips when you play poker either online or at a casino.

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What are chips in Poker? 

Poker is based on betting which involves money. The pro players bet on a large scale they may spend $100 in one go, in such scenarios it might not be feasible for them to carry cash everywhere. To avoid dealing in cash directly, casinos offer poker chips to the players which are also bought with money. In simple terms, players buy chips and use them on behalf of actual money.   

Poker table games typically use coloured metal, thermoplastics, silicone, or ceramic clay chips of different factions. You can see similar tables in online games too. Pocket52 has some attractive poker tables with numerous chips. 

Colour and values of chips 

White – $1

Red – $5

Orange – $10

Yellow – $20

Green – $25

Black – $100

Purple – $500

Maroon – $1,000


How to play poker with chips? 

Playing poke using chips is nothing different from playing it with money. All you have to do is buy chips before starting the game and use them in the place of money. To start the game, each player will get 5 cards (or seven in some variants). Once each player evaluates the value of their hand (the five cards) they raise the bet using chips. But if another player is ready to wager an equal number of chips, the player who makes the highest bid wins. When the round is over the winner will collect all the chips of the whole bet. 


Advantages of Chips in Poker 

As mentioned before, chips are crucial for poker, but you should be aware of their advantages too. Some of them are: 


1. It is easier to carry chips instead of money. 


2.It is a better alternative when you do not deal in cash. All you need is to purchase chips at a casino through any payment mode like a credit card or any app and then play it with chips. 


3. It maintains the uniformity of payment in betting. It is always good to have a common payment mode. The poker has chips. Sometimes you have a card for payment but the other person has cash, this can create chaos in the game. 


The Bottom Line 

Chips are always a better option. Even while playing poker online, you will get chips as a mode of payment and you can use them, not manually but in the online game only. You may have different colours or values depending upon many factors like your location, site, variant, level, etc.  

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