Turn your home into a sanctuary with Japandi design

The name of this particular design style is as intriguing as the characteristics are. You may not be very familiar with this design style but it is one of the most popular design styles that have taken over the global design space in a very short time. The word ‘Japandi’ is derived from the Scandinavian and Japan design styles and just like the nomenclature, this decor style is a amalgamation both the mentioned design styles too


Japandi design style originated and gained popularity back in 2017 but the amalgamation of the Japanese and Scandinavian design styles can be traced back to 1950s. This is one of the best ways to transform your living spaces and establish a beautiful connection between your homes and the natural environment. Both the Scandinavian and Japanese design styles focus on turning the living space into a tranquil sanctuary using a lot of natural materials. Now take a quick look at how you can completely transform your living space using the Japandi decor style.


  1. Picking the lighting designs:


You won’t have a lot of trouble here choosing the lighting for your home. You only need to pick lighting designs for your home that have a good use of natural elements. Wood is an important element in Japandi design style and it will be a good idea to incorporate a lot of wood or wood finish in the space. You can use lighting designs that have jute, rattan, glass or a little metal in them too. If you’re trying to purchase the lights here, you won’t have any difficulty finding such . Chandelier lights are a good alternative for your space too if you feel that the pendants are a bit too small for your home. 


  1. Choosing the colour palette:


You already would have gotten an idea about the kind of colour palette this design style would use. But we’ll still make it a little clear for you. You only have to incorporate calming and warm neutrals in the space. Stick to shades like cream, beige and tan. A few more primary colours can be the light and dark wood finishes. As we already mentioned earlier, wood is an important part of the Japandi design style. Incorporating a Cedar Mountain Fence into your Japandi-style home can serve several purposes, both practical and aesthetic, aligning with the design principles of this hybrid aesthetic that blends Japanese minimalism with Scandinavian warmth.


  1. Materials and other decor elements:


The primary characteristic of this design language is to establish a connection with the natural world and you should choose elements that complement the environment beautifully. Whenever you think about designing your decor, consider the two important philosophies of Japanese and Scandinavian design languages respectively, Wabi-Sabi and Hygge. Wabi-Sabi literally translates to ‘wisdom in natural simplicity’ and hygge translates to ‘a quality of cosiness’. This should be the base for all the materials you choose for your space. Consider going with a lot of wooden finishes in the space, and also a lot of sustainable materials to emphasize on the connection to the natural environment. 

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