Play Monopoly Online: Learn Its Concepts, Rules and Mechanisms

For over a century, the timeless board game Monopoly has smitten people worldwide, sparking friendly rivalries and, not to mention, family strife. The objective of the real estate board game, which two to eight players can play, is to gain and maintain financial stability while driving rivals into bankruptcy through the purchase and development of real estate.

From the iconic city of London to the faraway galaxies of Star Wars, Monopoly real estate knows no bounds.

Suppose you have been an avid player or are just starting, regardless of your experience. In that case, this monopoly casino game guidebook will walk you through the important aspects of the game and arm you with the tactics and information you need to win at this amazing game.

How to Play Monopoly?

Each player will roll the pair of dice, beginning with the banker, to formally begin the game. The players rotate to the left. The winners are those who have the highest total. Each player must place their token in the “GO” corner. Next, using the dice, each player takes a turn pushing their token toward the given instructions. Until their subsequent turn, the tokens stay on the landing squares and move forward when they roll again. Simultaneously, two or more tokens may occupy the same area.

Tokens can land on various spots, allowing you to buy property or other assets, pay taxes or rent, draw cards from the Community Chest or Chance, or even “Go to Jail.” If a player throws three consecutive doubles, their token will be placed to “In Jail.” Trade turns incessantly until one person is the wealthiest and everyone else is broke.

Rules of Monopoly

According to the stakes, the banker gives players money every time they go across the board and land on or pass GO. Every full pass of the board earns money. If a player crosses GO twice in a game, they will receive double the amount. A player also receives double if they pass GO, land on the Community Chest or Chance square during the same round, and draw the “Advance to GO” card. They will receive the wager for passing the first time and then again for passing again by following the card’s instructions.

The corresponding cards are drawn when a player lands on the Community Chest and Chance squares. The player puts the card back at the bottom of the pile after pulling it according to the directions indicated on it. Like others, the other prized “Get Out of Jail Free” card is held until utilised and submitted back. A player may instead trade “Get Out of Jail Free” for cash.

Purchasing Properties and Paying Rent

If your token lands on a piece of unowned property, you can buy it for the asking price. The Title Deed Card will be given to you by the banker, who will lay it out in front of you face up. The banker may decide to put the property up for auction if you decide against buying it. Any player, even the one who first refused to purchase it, may place a bid at any starting price. The deed card is awarded to the highest bidder upon payment of the agreed-upon sum.

In Monopoly Casino games, when a player lands on a property they do not own, they must pay ‘Rent’. The Title Deed card specifies the rent amount, which you are required to pay directly to the property owner. Rent is not collected if the real estate is mortgaged. The property is mortgaged if the Title Deed card is face-down before the proprietor.

Working of the Houses and Hotels in Monopoly

Players can add twelve hotels and thirty-two residences in each Monopoly game set can be added to properties to raise the rent. A player can purchase houses to put on the board space once they own every property in a colour set. The next house you buy has to be placed on an unchanged property of the same colour group or any other whole set you possess after the first one has been placed on a space. The Title Deed card will show the updated rent amount. If another property of the same colour set has a house, the player who lands on that space must pay twice the rent, even if it is empty.

Following the guidelines, you can purchase as many houses as you choose to erect on a plot. A player may buy a hotel and place it on one of the properties if they have four dwellings on each colour group’s property. The player pays the banker the amount indicated on the Title Deed card for the hotel, and the four houses from that space are returned to the bank.

What Happens If Your Money Runs Out in Monopoly?

In the thrilling world of live casino online India, the money becomes the capital for a player, and when one fails to remit it to the bank or other players, they are declared bankrupt. If you have debts with another player, surrender your valuable objects and resign from playing. The bank receives your homes and hotels in exchange for the creditor receiving half of the total amount paid. The new owner of a mortgaged property is obligated to pay the mortgage amount plus 10% interest.


Mastering the game of Monopoly demands a blend of strategy, flexibility, and a little chance because every roll of the dice and card draw can change the course of events drastically. Popular online Indian platforms, mostly live casino online India applications, offer their players varied gaming options. So, what are you waiting for? Try your luck and skills and win exciting rewards in every match

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