Gaming strategies to make money at 1win

Effective casino strategies from 1win

Players coming to online casinos always have the same goal – to make as much money as possible. Because of the principle of the game on such sites to realize their goals are realized by fewer gamblers. Many are hindered by greed, ignorance of the principles of casino operation, not high enough investment, excitement and other reasons. And in this material we want to highlight one of the tools of the game, which will help you at least reduce the risks of total loss – the use of game strategies. We will tell you what tactics exist, whether they can be used to make a profit, and also talk about the best sites for the game.

Special strategies and software

On the site you will not find information on how to beat the casino with the help of special programs or developed for specific entertainment strategies. And this is not by chance: at present, the gambling community has not yet come up with a way to pull money out of slot machines one hundred percent. Some van win users are trying to develop bots, clickers and other types of software, but so far this activity has not brought significant success.

Also players one win do not see the expediency of developing strategies aimed at a particular software. The fact is that any machine that is available to players of the site 1win Ukraine, works on the basis of a random number generator. Accordingly, the situation is random – you can never guess on which spin you need to increase the bet to rip off the kush. Initiatives can arise interesting, but they are able to bring usefulness and benefit only in a particular moment – at a distance, such methods are ineffective.

Mathematical tactics

For the reason that the development of different programs and special game models for the game in casino 1 win is an empty affair, gamblers try to use the usual mathematical strategies. They have already been invented long ago and for all the time of their existence on the practical experience of many players were able to prove – with their help you can have a certain success. There is a huge number of different variations of such tactics, each of them has its own share of success. We decided to tell you about the two best variations of the game on slots 1win new.


Here everything is much simpler. You need in case of loss to double your initial bet denomination – for convenience you can also call it a unit, although, it is not necessary. The risks of using Dogon in the casino are higher than in the case of the Dalembert method. 10 losses in a row – and you can lose almost all of your funds. Therefore, it is worth considering 0.2-0.3% of your budget for the starting spin.

The strategy is very well suited to those who play 1win games with a large bankroll. You can use catch-up both for regular spins and for buying bonus rounds. In the second case, the game is slightly more expedient – the bonus round gives you some guaranteed winnings, as well as a higher probability of catching the maximum winnings when playing through the 1win site.

Pros and cons of modern strategies

The disadvantages lie in the risk of losing. Even if you play slot machines from 1 UAH, it is possible with a series of losses to drain all the funds. Much will depend on the GSC and luck.

Pros are also there. First of all, it is the creation of game discipline, the ability to beat 1 win casino at a distance. Also, strategies insure your bank from immediate loss – you can stay in the game for a long time while maintaining the chances of getting a super-win. Note that some gamblers even get a stable profit when playing strategies.


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