Why Renting a 1 BHK is Always the Better Choice

In recent years, property prices in India have subsequently gone higher. This is reflected in the rent prices as well.  If you are a property owner, then increased rents may seem like a great thing, but the same can’t be said for tenants. This price increase has come hard on those moving to Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, or Noida, which were already more expensive compared to other places. This is why many people today are searching for a 1BHK rent in Gurgaon.    


You need to take into account various expenses (transportation, grocery and food, medicines, etc.) while determining the total cost of living in a place. You also need to keep some funds aside for dealing with emergencies far away from home. The one area where you can significantly save some money is accommodation, and picking a 1BHK rent in Gurgaon will exactly do that for you. Not just that, but there are many more reasons why 1 BHK rental flats are great and better than other options, let’s look at some of the reasons. 


  • They are easy to maintain – In today’s day and age, everyone is living an extremely busy life, which means even doing the basic chores of house cleaning has become extremely tough. But that doesn’t mean that you should live in a place that is poorly managed. Moreover, if you skip cleaning and maintaining your rental flat then that may result in both damaging the property and putting your health at risk. So, it is better to pick a 1bhk rental flat as the small area space of it will make the cleaning procedure easy for you as it will take very less time to do it all. 


  • They have the affordability factor – This is something that we have already discussed, but the recurrence of it is only proof that how important this is. Living in a city like Gurgaon can easily cost you a lot of money, but doing that smartly can help you in saving a lot of money. When you choose to live in a 1 BHK flat, it automatically helps you find adorable living options even when the property prices are skyrocketing. This makes them a perfect fit for students, young professionals, and the newly married.


  • The utility cost of these is much lower – If you ever sit to think about it, you will notice that the people who live in a 2 BHK or 3 BHK flat or in a house, always tend to pay more for heating, air conditioning, and electricity. This is because the bigger the space, more the energy is consumed. So, someone who is living in a bigger space will automatically have to pay more utility bills because they use more appliances. But when you live in a 1 BHK flat, the number of fans, ACs, and lights that are required in your flat automatically decreases. Hence, living in a 1 BHK flat also helps you in cutting down your cost of utility. 


  • Their space can be easily utilized – A 1 BHK means, the floor plan of the house will be pretty simple, you will have a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a hall that can be used both as a living room and a dining room. You will be free to use the hall as you like. Plus, in a compact flat, you have a pretty small space to work with. That also helps you keep the entire floor uncluttered and easy to walk through, thus stopping eliminating any chances of filling up the space with things that you don’t need. 


  • Gives many options for residential areas – Most apartments don’t have 2 BHK or 3 BHK flats in them but they have many 1 BHK flats in them which are spacious, good quality, and also affordable. So, when you decide to rent a 1 BHK flat it automatically opens a floodgate of options for you and makes the apartment-hunting journey easier. 


  • These are easy to set up – We have already discussed it, 1 BHK flats have a smaller area of space, which means it makes it very easy to set up the whole place within a limited amount of time. Well, the same can’t be said about 2 or 3 BHK flats as the increase in area will make it tough for you to completely decorate it within a fixed amount of time. 


Final words 

Are planning to move? Are you thinking about a big city like Delhi, Mumbai, or maybe Gurgaon? Then believe it when we say this, choosing to live in a 1BHK rent Gurgaon will be the best option for you. This will not only help you in saving some money on rental costs but will also help you by providing many options for rental flats. You can easily start your hunt for a rental 1 BHK flat in Gurgaon by checking the available options in NoBroker.in

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