What Makes the Best Credit Cards in India Special?

There are more than 30 credit card providers in India. You obviously can’t have them all. You need help choosing the best credit card that will meet your needs in terms of lifestyle, interest rate, usage fees, reward programme, and financial freedom, among others. You must choose a lifetime free credit card or whatever credit card offers come your way with great prudence, and this is what this guide aims to cover.

Potential credit card users often need to compare and contrast the features and benefits of each card before making an informed choice. They can apply for a credit card online. Their credit card use can be for various purposes, depending on their needs and desires. We have done the heavy lifting for you to spare you the hassles of analysing the various aspects of more than 30 credit cards.

This piece presents the features of the best credit cards in India.

What Makes the Best Credit Cards Special?

Credit cards are much more than online purchases and loans. They are financial instruments applied to achieving financial freedom. Here are some of the features that make the best credit cards in India special:

· No Joining or Renewal Fees

Since everything should be from the customer’s perspective, the best credit cards should come with no joining or renewal fees. A joining fee is money you must pay to activate your card after approval, and a renewal or membership fee is the annual payment you must make to keep your card usable. The OneCard metal credit card does not require you to pay any upfront fee to activate your card nor make any renewal or reward redemption fees.

· High-Reward Packages

A credit card should enable you to save money. The ultimate purpose of using credit cards is to enjoy your lifestyle to the fullest with ample rewards and perks. You can acquire these rewards through cashback, redeemable points, lounge access, hotel stays, cheap air flights, and other exclusive perks.

If you choose the OneCard credit card, you can easily earn 5x reward points on your two top spending categories. That is the strength of a reward system that puts money in your pocket without compromising your lifestyle.

· Dedicated Purchase Category

You can maximise your credit card use by choosing a card that caters to recurring needs. For instance, you can acquire fuel credit cards for gas purchases, travel credit cards for your travel needs, and grocery credit cards for everyday grocery spending. Such cards dedicated to a specific spending category will offer more rewards and help you save money on recurrent transactions.

· Minimum Eligibility Criteria

If you are looking for a credit card that has the minimum amount of eligibility requirements then go for OneCard. With OneCard, you can apply online and get your card approved within minutes. Some of the barest requirements for getting a credit card include proof of income, a minimum age of 18, a valid contact address, a government-issued ID, and a PAN, among others. Once you qualify for these, your card can be ready within minutes.

· Lifestyle Benefits

There are credit cards that cater to lifestyle needs in more ways than cashback and reward points.

Some of the best credit cards offer lifestyle benefits such as:

– Spa and salon discounts

– Doctor consultations

– Discount on movies and dining

– Airport lounge access

– Complimentary dine-out offers

– Comprehensive insurance coverage

– VIP assistance services

– Membership to golf courses

– Weekend buffet


· Security and Customer Protection

Security and consumer protection also make the best credit cards in India special. With two-factor authentication and swipe transactions, among other top-level digital encryptions, your credit card prevents fraud in all areas. Even when someone uses your card without express authorisation, you can raise a dispute and get a refund immediately.


Credit card offers may vary in their requirements and eligibility, they can provide maximum lifestyle satisfaction. However, it’s important to exercise responsible financial management and ensure that the lifestyle benefits don’t negatively impact your overall financial well-being. By choosing a credit card like the OneCard, which caters to both lifestyle and finance needs, you can enjoy the best of both worlds while maintaining a healthy financial balance.

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