Tips & Tricks for Bets on Esports from Experienced Indian Bettors

How to Make Smart Bets on Esports: Tips and Tricks from Experienced Indian Bettors 

Betting on esports means placing a bet on the outcome of an organized video game competition. In recent years, more people in India have been betting on esports competitions as a way to make money. But how can you make sure you win when you bet on esports? This article offers advice from experienced Indian bettors on how to make money while following gambling regulations in India. 블랙잭

Evaluating Team Stats Before Placing a Bet

When it comes to esport betting in India, one of the most important things that experienced Indian bettors recommend is assessing team stats before placing a bet.

  • This involves looking at factors such as win/loss record, one player performance, recent form and more. By doing this research, you can find out which teams are more likely to do well in future matches. This will help you make better decisions about whom to bet on when you’re gambling on esports matches.
  • It’s also important to look at how different teams have performed against each other in past matches. If one team usually beats another team, they may be favored again in future games. This means that the team is more likely to win. You should think about this when you are betting on games. Also, pay attention to changes on the teams, like new players or coaches. These changes could affect how well the team does in the future.
  • Finally, don’t forget about one player. They often have their own set of statistics that can help you understand how well they might play during certain matchups or tournaments. Do your research beforehand to make better bets!

Researching Form to Make Informed Decisions 

Another tip that experienced Indian esport bettors recommend is researching form before placing a bet.

  • This means that you should look at past results, watch match highlights, and read about any news or rumors that could affect the outcome of an esport matchup. By doing this research, you can understand which teams or players are likely to win and make good decisions about where and when to place your bets.
  • Before you bet on an esports match, do some research on the teams and players. Find out if they traded any members, got a new coach, or if their performance has changed recently. All of these things can impact who wins an esports match. By researching before you bet, you can make smarter decisions about which teams or players to choose.
  • Esport bettors should research any bonuses or promotions offered by esport betting sites. These can often provide added value to your esport wagers. This is especially true for new bettors as many esport betting sites offer bonuses and free bets.

Taking Advantage of Promotions Offered by Esport Betting Sites

You can make more money from esport betting by taking advantage of promotions from esport betting sites.

  1. Many sites offer special bonuses or free bets for new customers. You can also find good deals on certain esport matchups. These deals can help you make more money from your esport bets. 
  2. It is important to read the terms and conditions of any esport betting promotions carefully. They can be different from one site to another.

If you are new to esport betting, it is a good idea to start by making small bets. This way, you can become more familiar with the process and learn about the different types of wagers available.

The golden rule of betting: it’s primarily for entertainment. Dpsports underlines this sentiment, ensuring that while the platform augments the betting experience, users are constantly reminded never to bet more than they can lose.


If you follow these tips from people who have bet on esports in India, you can make better decisions and win more money in the long run. Remember to do your research first, take advantage of any bonuses or promotions offered by esports betting sites, and always gamble responsibly. Good luck!


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