Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services: Expert Guidance for Successful Deals

Mergers and acquisitions are popular business operations when big and small companies consolidate, or one business acquires another. However, only a tiny percent of them achieve their goals. If top managers have decided to integrate, mergers and acquisitions advisory services will teach how to ensure that the merger&acquisition are successful.

Why M&A Advisory Services Are Essential for Successful Deals

In M&A transactions, the parties should use various valuation methods, develop integration strategies, and dive into headcount management. But in practice, obtaining complete and reliable information necessary for a successful deal is only sometimes possible. Such professional M&A advisory consultants like Waveup can help you.

Benefits of Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Services

Working in a team with experienced consultants, you can simplify and justify the valuation of companies you want to acquire or merge. How can you benefit from mergers and acquisitions advisory?

Expert Analysis of Market Trends and Valuation

Evaluation helps the team determine the direction of the project development and adjust it in time. However, evaluation is complicated and intimidating for many managers, so it is worth inviting a consultant.

Assistance with Identifying Potential Targets and Negotiations

The choice of the M&A advisory consultant is just as important as the negotiation. At this stage, when both parties are brought together to find common ground, a professional consultant will provide advice in preparing documents, expertise, and what to expect from the first and all the next meetings.

Advice on Deal Structuring and Financing Options

If necessary, you will be advised to convert the company’s financial statements subject to a merger/acquisition into financial statements prepared following the International Financial Standards Implementation of tax planning before the deal.

The M&A Process: Steps Involved in an Acquisition

Professional consultants will accompany you at every stage of the transaction:

Preparing for the transaction includes a preliminary analysis of a company that will enter into a transaction: an assessment of the need for marketing and identifying risks and prospects. This is the first and most crucial step in mergers and acquisitions as the company evaluates its financial condition to see if it can operate.
Identifying potential targets means searching for a company to conduct a deal: compiling a list of likely companies after the initial market monitoring and checking them – selecting the most suitable option among companies.
Conducting due diligence: preparing a company for M&A, which consists of performing a full in-depth Due Diligence (legal, economic, financial, tax audit of the company, commercial, antimonopoly expertise, etc.)
Negotiating the deal and drafting agreements: negotiations are held to reach a consensus on a takeover or merger deal. As a rule, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA non-disclosure agreement) is signed, and the companies discuss the goals, prospects, and costs.
Closing the transaction: structuring the transaction and concluding an agreement.

Post-Acquisition Integration: Ensuring a Smooth Transition

What is your integration plan? What is your combined operating model for the first 100 days after the deal closes? What tools will allow you to evaluate the transaction’s success after one year? It is essential to focus on the main steps:

Develop an integration plan.
Aligning cultures and processes.
Managing stakeholder communication.

Due to the confusion and inherent chaos in the first days of the transaction, the company’s management often needs the opportunity to focus on maintaining the required level of current operations and effectively address emerging business integration issues. A professional mergers and acquisitions advisory consultant will help you focus on the essentials, guide your company through the merger period, or provide one-off consultations upon request.


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