How To Balance Working And Personal Commitments More Effectively

The modern world of employment is characterized by frenzied activity and rushing from task to task. Workers in an office environment find that while technology has helped them to achieve more in a typical working day, it now means that there is a greater expectation of the tasks that can be completed in a standard 9-5 shift. When unplanned meetings and excessive additional tasks occur, this can result in the need to work later, leading to less time for personal tasks. Thankfully, there are a variety of techniques and strategies that can be employed to ensure that you can both work to a high level of productivity in your career and still have time to keep abreast of personal commitments and responsibilities. In this article, three key ways to achieve this will be discussed.

Take steps to avoid burnout


In America, it is estimated that around 89% of workers have experienced burnout in the last year. Burnout is far more than feeling low to moderate levels of stress or fatigue whileworking. It can have serious consequences for a persons physical and mental well-being. Burnout can trigger clinical depression, which can ruin a person’s quality of life, and sustained periods of burnout can damage the body’s immune system, increasing the likelihood of developing serious health problems. After suffering from burnout, you may be unable to work effectively and struggle to manage personal commitments. Put simply, it is of paramount importance to ensure that you do not succumb to burnout. Start by clearly delineating your working life and personal life. Switch off work laptops and smartphones if you keep them at home so you are not tempted to check emails or respond to messages after office hours. Ensure that you get regular and high quality sleep while adopting a lowfat diet and taking regular exercise.

Consider freelance working


If the stresses and strains of conventional models of work are wearing you down, it can be beneficial to consider other forms of working. Freelance work gives adults the ability to choose their working patterns to a greater extent than conventional employment, and this can be vital to creating a healthy worklife balance. For example, many people who enjoy driving and have a truck or van choose to work as freelance shipping drivers. Bidding for shipping work allows you to manage your own workday and choose the hours of work that are right for you. In short, it can allow you to set your own working schedules that result in being able to undertake personal tasks and commitments in your free time.

Plan your free time


As a brief final point, it is vital to consider that your free time should be planned and managed just as much as your working schedule. It can be highly beneficial to create a task list of activities that need to be achieved in your personal life. Remember to include pleasurable activities along with other commitments to ensure that your free time is enjoyable. Watch a movie with a loved one or make an effort to connect with friends on social nights so that your personal life is a source of joy and relaxation.

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