Boosting Your Memory Power: Unleashing ThePotential Of Games To Improve Memory And Cognitive Functioning

Boosting Your Memory Power: Unleashing ThePotential Of Games To Improve Memory And Cognitive Functioning

How does human memory work? What board games will help you improve your memory? Which is better to choose: mobile or desktop games?

Can Games Improve Your Memory?

Regular memory training significantly improves life quality and slows the brain’s aging process. A wide variety of games to improve memory contribute to the efficient functioning of the human brain. The main thing is to play them systematically, and you will be surprised at the effectiveness of this technique. And what is memory, and what games are recommended to use? 

Definition Of Memory And Its Processes

Human memory is one of the main cognitive functions of the brain. Thanks to memory, people learn by receiving various information, and then the stored information is retrieved and used for its intended purpose. Some memorized data is forgotten, and some remain for a long time or throughout a person’s life. Long-term information storage and reproducing (retrieval) in the correct period is essential. Thus, memory is the ability to process, assimilate, store, and retrieve information received.

In addition to memory, cognitive functions include cognition, study, and perception.

Processes performed by human memory:

Memorization. It happens involuntarily – it happens automatically and arbitrarily – it is necessary to make mental efforts concentrated on the semantic meaning of the information received.
Storage is the systematic accumulation of information, it is processing, and assimilation. The longer a person can store data, the more efficiently the memory works.
Extraction. It allows you to play information stored in memory. Sometimes it happens that a person cannot always extract the necessary information, although, after a while, they can remember. Reproduction can also be voluntary and involuntary.
Forgetting. This process occurs when the stored information is no longer needed or used. Forgetting can be complete or incomplete (partial, fragmentary), short-term, or permanent.

If a person has a bad memory, this significantly aggravates daily life, not only in the professional sphere but also at home. Therefore, most people strive to increase the efficiency of memorization. It can be done thanks to various desktop memory retention games.

Board Games For Efficient Memory

Board games to enhance memory are a way of entertainment and a valuable feature for brain development. In many games, participants are forced to memorize data, symbols, events, and so on, thus training their brain abilities.


This game promotes the development of concentration and photographic memory. To play the Photographer, you will need matches, but you can play together. One of the partners takes a few rounds and throws them on the table unexpectedly. Then the second partner looks at the matches’ location on the table for just one second, and then they are covered with a piece of paper. Finally, the second partner on a piece of writing tries to reproduce the location of the fallen matches and then compare them with those that fell on the table. In this game, you can use matches and counting sticks.


It is an entertaining game made in the same way as the Picture Pairs game. It contains 30 chips with a variety of ornaments. Initially, the chips are placed on the table with the trim down and then turned over in pairs. The partner, who has found a couple of identical pieces, sets them aside and performs the next move until they make a mistake. The game continues until all the chips are turned over. The winner is the player who has collected more chips with an identical ornament.

Chess And Checkers

These classic desktop brain games training, loved by millions, develop memory and logical thinking. However, chess is a longer game and requires concentration and attention.


The game Cartoons contributes to the memorization of a large number of images. You can memorize 10, 30, or more embodiments. The main requirement for memorization is to build a semantic chain from the pictures you will create. A certain number of cards are laid out on the table, and then it is necessary to remember their sequential arrangement. To do this, you combine adjacent pictures with a semantic event. After all, the entire chain will be a cartoon created from individual images. This game develops the imagination well.

There are many similar brain training games, and you decide which will be most effective for developing cognitive functions.

memoryOS Mobile Game

In addition to board games, gaming platforms are using which you can also improve your memory features, for example, brain game training memoryOS, which can enhance the brain’s cognitive functions. This application is not only helpful but also fascinating. Play any game, and you will find that cognitive functions become more effective after a while.

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