All About Online Lesson Planners

Plans are the very first step toward the completion of any task. That is why schools, colleges, and every educational stakeholder create plans to lay down all their tasks to be done on that. But do you know how much time, effort and thinking go into creating lesson plans for classes or planners for overall school operations? All these tasks were done manually by the teachers and school administrators, but not now. Today online tools like lesson planner is used to do all the planning and creating work.

Online lesson planners are digital tools which automate the task of creating class lesson planners and school lesson planners. This tool is available individually and also included in the setup of the school ERP system, it is the school organization’s choice what kind of lesson planner they want to use. 

But there are various features of lesson planners too, which help school management and teachers. These features are:


Lesson Planning: Of course, lesson planning is the first and foremost feature of an online lesson planner. The thing that makes online lesson planners different is that they are digital and automatic. It means teachers no longer have to sit and plan lessons for every class and section manually. What they need to do is just log into the online lesson planner, where they just need to write the pointers, date, topics, class, and subject. And that’s it your lesson plan will be generated automatically within a few seconds.


Curriculum Mapping: Having a broad view of things is important, it helps you understand what to do and get things accomplished in a better way. This is why creating a curriculum map is important, administrators and teachers create this curriculum map together by having an offline meeting. Where they discuss, brainstorm and then create an annual plan to complete the syllabus. This whole process takes days, but with the help of an online lesson planner, this task can be done within minutes. In a digital lesson planner, teachers just have to feed the information related to lessons, topics, estimated time, etc. and then the planner will create a visual of the curriculum. This curriculum map then can be shared with other teachers and administrators and changes can be made digitally without creating any mess or confusion.


Better Access: Lesson plans are not just meant for teachers, students should also have access to lesson plans. This way everyone, teachers, administrators, and students can work together to achieve the academic goal. With the help of an online lesson planner this can be done easily, as created lesson plans and curriculum maps can be shared remotely via mail, or message. 


Resource Management: Digital learning has brought several benefits, there are multiple digital resources like PDFs, videos, PPTs, and much more that teachers have to create and share on a daily basis. All this can create a mess sometimes, but some online planners also come with the feature of resource management. This feature helps them in storing all their teaching resources in one place so that when they need to share it with students or view, it  can be done easily. 


Easy Planner Modifications: Achieving your targets at the set time is great, but life is unpredictable which pushes us to change our plans. The same goes for school lesson planning, sometimes things can change with time, and in such cases, modifications need to be made to the plans. For that digital lesson planners help, as teachers or administrators can edit and make changes in the lesson plans whenever and however they want. And after the change, it will notify others too about the change, this way no one gets confused.


Collaborations: Sometimes two teachers want or need to change their lectures or teach together in such cases they need to make changes in their planners. Using online lesson planners they can exchange plan details, resources, and ideas to collaborate seamlessly; providing the best education to students.


Assessment Tracking: Tracking the progress and matching it with your planner is important; the best lesson planner does it for teachers. As online lesson planners keep track of how many tasks are completed from the plan created. 

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