8 Ways To Make A Living Space Truly Stand Out

Beauty is a subjective concept, and different people have different perceptions of what is beautiful. This, of course, is a great thing, because the sheer diversity of esthetic preferences is what contributes to the creation of virtually limitless designs for living spaces, giving each one its own unique character.

A person’s home is essentially an extension of their identity, and reflects their view of the world around them. The choices that people make with regard to their purchase of wallpaper, their lights, their sofa, or their dining table Kolkata, is a direct representation of their perceptions of beauty, as well as their personalities. After all, no two homes look alike!

What is more, a person’s home is not merely their place of residence, but a place to socialize and interact with family members, friends and loved ones. The ways in which a person chooses to outfit and decorate their home are also a revelation of their tastes, values and even their aspirations. Having a living space that is well decorated can have a profound impact on a person’s physical and mental health. This blog takes a look at some creative home decor ideas that anyone can utilize according to their liking to create a truly unique living space.

1. Creative lighting

Everyone loves a space that is well illuminated. A bright space is always more appealing and more cheerful than a dimly lit one. But what can truly make a living space stand out among the rest is creative lighting. In today’s world, there is no shortage of options when it comes to the lights and lamps one can choose to fit in one’s home. Additionally, positioning the lights and lamps at varying heights helps to create a layered effect, and by mixing and matching different kinds of lights it is possible to add more layers.

2. Luxury furniture

A room without any furniture looks bleak and barren. One can say that furniture is what gives substance to any living space. Not only does furniture serve a purpose, they also contribute greatly to the overall appeal of the space in question. Placing pieces of luxury furniture in and around a living space will help to make the space look classy and elegant. From art deco to Italian to contemporary, there is a wide variety of furniture styles one can choose from.

3. Wallpaper

Adding wallpaper to a room is a great way to add vibrance and charm. There is also the flexibility to add wallpaper on only one wall, or on as many walls as one wishes. With an astounding range of colors, patterns, designs and textures available to pick from, one is only limited by one’s imagination when it comes to selecting the most suitable wallpaper for a room. Nowadays, many people like to create a ‘statement wall’ behind cabinets, sofas, dining tables and beds, and they even make for fantastic backdrops as well.

4. Open shelves

Installing open shelves in a room is an attractive alternative to cabinets and other closed storage units. Even though closed cabinetting is a neater way to keep one’s things, having open shelves around a living space gives people ample opportunities to display their objects. Doing so helps to enhance the overall appearance of a room, give it significantly more character and also helps to pique the interest and curiosity of guests who would want to make conversation about it. Placing items such as decorative objects, art pieces, novelties, statues, photo frames and even books help to liven up any shelf.

5. Indoor plants

Placing plants in and around a living space not only adds color and exuberance, but also gives the feeling of being connected to nature within one’s own home. Decorating a room with indoor plants is a cost-effective and simple way to bring good energy and liveliness, and they also have a host of health benefits. An improvement in air quality, a reduction in stress levels and an increase in overall feelings of happiness are just some of the advantages of keeping plants at home.

6. Decorative pieces

By placing pieces of art around a room, such as sculptures, statues or any other object that is esthetically pleasing, one can make the general look and feel of the room feel more complete. What is more, having such pieces will encourage conversations among guests and visitors, as people are naturally drawn to items that are pretty or unique to look at. Items such as lamp shades, vases and even antiques make for great conversation starters.

7. Paintings and photos

Hanging up or placing pictures, such as photographs, paintings or portraits around a living space can do a lot to showcase a person’s creativity and add that personal touch to the space. Needless to say, this decor idea is also highly likely to initiate conversations among guests!

8. Carpets and rugs

Having a carpet or a rug in a room is a fabulous way to add color and texture. Bold colored rugs help to create an energetic and lively vibe, while blander colors and designs help to create a calm and relaxing vibe. The design of the carpet or rug can be selected to match the existing decor of the room, or can be one that stands out to create a contrasting or eclectic look. Even though rugs and carpets need a fair bit of maintenance, they are a popular choice for people wanting to enhance their room decor.

These are just some of the ways one can decorate one’s home, and while people may rush off to high end furniture stores in Kolkata, it is worth considering the various other home decor options available.


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