3 marketing trends to improve your business

What is digital marketing?

By digital marketing, we mean the establishment of digital channels, such as websites, social networks, mobile applications, videos, as well as podcasts, aimed at promoting products or a brand to a targeted audience. Lets know the concept of social media healthcare in marketing.

The objective is to :

  • attract the most visits to its website ;
  • turn traffic into a buying prospect;
  • build customer loyalty by developing digital communication based on trust and transparency .
  1. Music industry

We all agree that music plays a huge role in our lives. We see lots of upcoming young artists in the industry who are earning lots of money from their work. Majority of beginner artists are using SoundCloud as their main audio streaming platform. SoundCloud allows musicians to interact directly with their fanbase. So buy soundcloud likes if you want to start creating music.

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2. Inbound Marketing: Storytelling and Blogging

Consumers are in too much demand and to attract them naturally, you have to address them and clearly respond to their problems. Storytelling is the art of telling a story that will touch the reader. They want the authentic, the real and are tired of the commercial talk. Internet users are more and more numerous to consult the:

  • testimonials;
  • notice ;
  • About pages;
  • blog posts;
  • newsletters, etc.

The content strategy is essential since it allows you to do inbound marketing , or incoming marketing. It is an effective and often profitable method to bring your website to life while providing relevant information to readers. With well-targeted content, you convert your visitors into leads and then into customers.

Hence the importance of keeping a blog up to date , preferably by qualified editors who will know how to bring their technicality by optimizing the keywords and developing the semantic field of the target queries .

Big Data:  Generation of financial transaction data by different types of sensors and measurements, social networks and other sources that increase exponentially in terms of volume, variety and speed.

eCustomer Experience Design:  Solutions based on empathy with the consumer and on the desires and emotions of the people who will use the product. Interconnection between human values, technology and business.

Innovative Business and Service Models:  Science or technology-based companies with completely new business models.

Internet of Things and M2M (machine-to-machine):  Technologies that will allow everyday objects to be connected to the internet and to each other, acting in an intelligent and sensorial way. Connecting machines to machines and machines to tools, which will enable a new range of applications to improve productivity and increase efficiency.

Gamification:  Interaction strategy between people and companies based on incentives that engage the public in a playful way, which instigates two strong characteristics of the human being: cooperation and competitiveness.

Smart Places to Work and Live:  Involves improved standards in various aspects of everyday life, ranging from households, workplaces and the way people are transported within cities.

Clean Technologies:  Innovative services and products that are superior in terms of performance and reduce ecological impacts, in addition to contributing to greater productivity and responsibility towards resources.

Value Chain Traceability:  Track goods and materials as they travel through a supply chain. Production method employed and enabled by actors in the supply chain, adopting standards and providing certificates that demonstrate specific practices and methods.

Geographic Location Based Services:  Accessed by a mobile device (control for location of children, promotions in malls, stores and cinemas, weather, sports, etc.)

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